Core Values

The Core Values are the fundamental beliefs of our organisation and our people. They are our moral and ethic compass guiding the principles that dictate our behaviour, actions and the way we carry on business.

The Bruntech’s team foster and encourage the following values:


Innovation and agility are at the heart of our business. We strive constantly to improve our services and keep abreast of the latest developments in technology. We are always looking at new ways to provide solutions and to give our partners an edge over their competitors.


We act in accordance with the highest standards of honesty, integrity and fairness and foster the same in our relationships with our peers, partners and the community. We encourage and recognise the inherent benefits of living these ideals.


We take responsibility for our actions and we are committed to fostering an environment where every member of the community understands and accepts responsibility for upholding and reinforcing our values.


We strive daily to make sure that everything we produce is of a consistently high quality so that our partners and staff can be proud of our work and professionalism.


We make trust the foundation of all our relationships and cultivate it every day. We are accountable to, and can rely on, each other for honesty and good faith efforts, with authentic, transparent and open communications.


We are each dedicated and responsible to Bruntech as company working cooperatively with each other and partners. We respect the opinion, dignity and contribution of our peers and partners; recognise their talents, and provide a personally rewarding relationship. We respect the people we work with, the company and partners, their assets, and ourselves.


One of the key drivers of Bruntech’s success is teamwork, both internally and externally working closely with our peers and partners by cooperating openly and supportively.


We are passionate about and take personal ownership of our partners’ needs and our company’s and partners success. Each of us is empowered and accountable to contribute to the success of our partners, peers, the community and Bruntech.


We embrace diversity and promote a palpably inclusive culture. We are one team with diverse backgrounds, opinions, talents, interests and perspectives. We foster a non-discriminatory work environment. Participation and diversity are fundamental to our culture, fostering an innovative, collaborative and cultured rich work environment.


What People Are Saying

"Walter and his team has a high capacity to think outside of the normal solutions when faced with an IT problem. From data cabling, microwave transmission of data to server infrastructure, Walter and his team excel. You can be sure your IT needs are in good hands!"

David Marston

Expert Witness SSHT Pty Ltd

"Bruntech's team have helped take the headaches out of IT (email, website and emarketing management). Highly recommended."

Eloise Campbell

Driving continuous improvement

"Bruntech has been our IT consultants for years and during this time they have provided thorough IT support for our office as well as a extensive website and an online database development"

Natalie Gane

Rookwood General Cemetery Trusts

"I happily recommend Walter and his team for your IT requirements.
They listens to your needs and delivers an affordable solution accordingly to your needs."

Martin Reyes

PRD Nationwide Bexley

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